Saturday, July 13, 2013

Caught looking.

Couldn't get any time to blog yesterday until 1 in the morning, at which point I didn't care. Blogging daily is a grind.

Looking at Althouse's posts yesterday, I just want to make one comment. She encouraged people to start their own "journeys", start their own blogs. Those with stuff worth listening too would thrive, those that weren't wouldn't, and so on. She then launched Lem's blog, after which he got hundreds of comments.

But here's the thing: blogging is no more like commenting  than giving a speech is to having a conversation. Lots of comments are merely asides, attendant to a conversation but usually not worth much exposition. Furthermore, schtick that works really well in comments may not work as a blog.

Finally, not everyone has the time or energy to blog every day. Blogs are similar to newspapers in that their immediacy is a good deal of their charm. People that can't blog every day simply aren't going to keep readers no matter how well they blog, and they will fall by the wayside.

A Weathered Traveler


Trooper York said...

That's very true. I enjoy blogging but it takes a lot of time and a big toll if you want to be creative. If you are just throwing up a topic and writing a few sentences about it....well why would anybody care? Your take is no better or worse than mine. So you need to be provocative like Crack or creative like EBL to keep a audience.

The day to day things also wears you down.

Personally I like to do continuing series which make it a little easier. You can comment on current events obliquely through some series about Laura Bush or something. At least that works for me.

Good luck with this new venture. I put you on my blog roll.

Icepick said...

Thanks Trooper, but if Lem can keep up what he's doing I'll probably shut this place down in a week or so. I have been thinking of starting a new blog recently, but I'm considering adopting a new avatar/nom de plume/online identity. I've already got the title in mind, and most of the idea about what I want to do differently from what I've done before. And if I'm going to put an effort into this stuff I'd rather not be shackled to what Althouse is doing. Basically I wanted an Althouse community commenting outlet, but you and Lem will probably have that covered.

The Crack Emcee said...

I contacted a few of the bigger blogs to see if they'll cover all this,...

Trooper York said...

I don't know if Lem will want to keep going. I hope he does but it is tough to go through the long haul.

You can keep your joint open here and do a post once a week or so. That would work out fine. Lots of people do that.

Aridog said...

... if I'm going to put an effort into this stuff I'd rather not be shackled to what Althouse is doing.

Just my opinion, but that [non-Althouse schtick] is one hell of a good idea. I believe, based upon comments and remarks you've made, that you can be creative and original enough to attract commenters to join a conversation. You don't even need a new identity to do so.

Oh, and yes, the new layout is definitely easier on the eyes.

Icepick said...

But blogging turns into a lot of effort. I've had a couple of my own blogs in the past (both consolidated into the original blog here), and I've been part of a couple of group blogs. (Ambiance is still up and running, but we're all in a lull now.)

So far in the last few days HERE I've already made as many posts (28)as I did at my old blog for all of 2012 and 2013 so far. I've made another 36 or so over at Ambiance (some of the others listed over there were originally guest posts). That's been about all I had the energy to get to, what with life and all.

The last few days I've been responding to one particular source of stimulus, and I've been doing that because I am a comment junkie and I didn't want to see my favorite LARGE commenting site die without a fight. I'd like to rescue some of that, and this was my small effort on that front. Lem beat me to it by a few hours, AND he has gotten "launched" by Althouse: Everyone knows to go there now.

And that's good, _IF_ he can sustain it. But Althouse kept her comunity fed regularly, and that is fuck-all hard work. Which is why I thought of this as the potential beginnings of a group blog - enough writers and we can probably sustain stuff for a while without anyone feeling too burdened.

But we'll see (a) how long Lem can keep it up and (b) how long I can keep it up (yesterday was probably closer to normal for what I can do than other days - there's a reason I prefer commenting!) and (c) how long Althouse keeps out the rabble, uh, I mean, "readers".