Monday, July 15, 2013

Closing up shop.

Lem's place is now the gathering place for Althouse refugees, so I don't need to indulge in this any longer. I'll keep it up for now just because.

In the future I do plan on setting up another blog of my own. I've got ideas about what I want to cover (government, economics and their relation to society) and I've even got a title for the blog. I will probably start that one fresh under another nom de plume though. So I can't even tell people where to look at this point.

But if I'm going to start writing in volume again for a tiny audience (myself and about three people that have interest in my yammerings), I am not going to restrict myself to writing about someone else's blog. Again, the point here was for Althouse refugees to have a place to congregate, and that mission has been accomplished (in style, it must be noted) by Lem.

So, so long and thanks for all the fish, and I hope to see you at Lem's or Trooper's joints.



Aridog said...

Icepick....Thank you. You were part of the migration, along with Chip Ahoy, Scott, Lem, and of course EBL who has been around all along and deserved more notice. Really.

When you start up with the subjects you have cited, let me email is in my Blogger profile, or at least drop a hint on LLL. I will support a forum, virtually and literally, you put up on the subjects you cite. For myself, I do not have the temperament or the patience...I train big tough dogs who have better dispositions.

Take care. See you around Lem's or maybe Legal Insurrection, where I am a subscriber. I can always blow off steam at my own little "group" TCKT that is composed of refugees from another blog and before that from LGF. They at least know to take me with a large grain of salt {about 10 lbs minimum).

Take care and good luck.

Icepick said...

Thanks for the support Ari.

And I have to say, I'm glad that Lem has become the go-to guy on this instead of me!

Aridog said...

I will back Lem in hopes that the antagonists drop off...e.g., those who whore themselves more than sponsor real conversation. I don't want to name names. In short, I hardly blame you for being happy Lem is the go to dude rather than you. A couple of his purported friends will test him I assure you.

Mainly, he will succeed just as soon as "Althouse" becomes a vague memory. I really don't get it, Meade's bit or any other repeated referrals to AA. It's like an old girlfriend..she's gone, get over it.

I meant what I said, let me know when you fire up on the topics you cited. They are ones I attend elsewhere.

PS: I'm glad Darcy shows up and stands up. She's almost local to me, (Ann Arbor isn't a foreign country, it just seems like it...Madison with real rigor, so to speak) ... so I suspect I like her for that. Baoh20 is impossible not to like and he is one of the most skilled writers out there with not a whit of real, actual, conceit. Those who think they are better only deceive themselves.

Aridog said...
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Aridog said...
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Aridog said...

Damnit...I am such a putz....

When I cite Bagoh20 as a superlative writer, here is what I'm talking about.

I've felt fear and recovered from serious injury, similar to his salvation surgery, but not near as lethal, and returned to my one time competitive downhill ski racing at the college level, as well as equestrian competition over fences and roads & tracks if you know the discipline...and temporarily, free fall ski diving [that's nuts :-)]. Later there was combat. It is all the same and Bagoh20 describes recovery from fear cannot be said better. I felt what he felt as I read his words.

Trooper York said...

Sorry to see you go but glad you joined my blog. Speak to you soon.

deborah said...

Icepick, thanks for picking up the slack while things got straightened out. I've enjoyed our exchanges here and at Lem's. See you 'round :)