Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Crack Emcee Bait

Althouse has a post guaranteed to have gotten Crack Emcee's Irish up:

"Terrible as it sounds, it was easier than divorcing him," says the 21-year-old woman, hiring a hitman.

Uh-huh, alrighty then! Go read about it there, and comment about it here. Or at Lem's. Or your own place. Just don't do it at Althouse. Besides, you can't do that anyway.


Chip Ahoy said...

Icepick, this whole thing is quite good. I checked in a few times today and thought well, doesn't have time, and then bang dayitiz. I'm impressed.

And then I realized something.

Maybe I too should open another blog, what the heck, half the stuff on one of mine is inspired by Althouse anyway, might as well carry on and put everything in a new one instead. As if there were no interruption. But make it clear that it is a mirror to Althouse, call it Althouse's bitch or summat, to make clear the response to destruction of salon by pooping in it is three more, four, fifteen, twenty-five new salons carrying the same mirrored content, all over the whole fucking place. Apologies for saying fucking just now I got carried away.

That was the penny that dropped.

The loss of an excellent salon, yes, but rather the expansion of that salon whereby the trolling is thwarted.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your take on these items. That was great.

And I do not mind at all clicking around for it.

Icepick said...

I chase m three year-old around during the day. So the evening is likely to see more content most days.

OTOH I have my daughter's attention span (basically about 15 seconds) so who knows when I will do anything.

Mostly I am doing this because I'm a comment junkie. And thank you for the kind words.

Chip Ahoy said...

I opened a mirror site. I intend to copy/paste the most irritating things to trolls that I don't care about, just to irritate, for a little of that Barbara Streisand Syndrome action, and host my own delightful anims based on Ann's impressive photos while this is going on.

Right off the bat I posted the first thing to the wrong blog.

rcommal said...

You know I don't buy the attention span thing, dear 'Pick. Just sayin'. You'd have to be way less bull-headed than I know you are for me to believe it. : )

rcommal said...

Gah. Hate when Blogger asks me to prove I'm not a robot. Just so you know. Glitchy bug of a feature.

Icepick said...

Actually it is rather short. I'm just able to circle back to things fairly quickly and pick up my line of thought (such as it is) fairly easily.

But it is also true that my attention span has to be limited by Catherine of Orlando's* attention span. As she moves from thing to thing I have to move from thing to thing. The girl is basically a cannonball.

* There's a picture behind that name.

Icepick said...

Also, there's real problem trying to blog as often as Althouse. That really requires a lot of commitment.

One my own blog, for example, my output has dropped to only two comments for the year, one of which is merely a reposting of comments from Althouse. (And the other is even more disposable than that.)

rcommal said...

It was around that age that I invested in one of those little cardio trampolines. No, not for me: for the son. When it got too scattered , I'd have him jump 'til tuckered. Gold!

Icepick said...

We've been looking at getting a somewhat larger one, complete with the netting around the edge, to put in the back yard. It's funny, these kids seem to have boundless energy until they don't. Then they just fall over.