Monday, July 8, 2013

Hipster douchebags? Or douchebag hipsters?

The Althouse post title: "Hmm, should I listen to the old man's advice?"

The body of the post: "Or should I listen to 20-something douchebag hipsters who majored in film? I'm going with the old man."

My response: I believe it should be phrased 20-something hipster douche-bags instead. Is the essence of the people in question their hipster-ness, or their douche-bag-ness? I'm pretty sure it is the latter.


Lem said...

I agree.

Icepick said...

And now that we've resolved this, on to solving peace in the Middle East!

I recommend bombing Hell out of everyone. If they're all dead, they can't fight.

Lem said...

It worked for the comments section over at Althouse.

Icepick said...