Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Daily Grab-All

So, couldn't get to the blog thing at all today. So here's a grab all for all the Althouse stuff.

Althouse returns to the scene of the crime:

 "Okay, then, I've given Glenn some material to get."

Yikes! Back to all the Spooge Stooge stuff and related material. This seems to be doubling down on pissing off a good chunk of the readership, but I guess she has to call it like she sees it. But see still doesn't seem to see exactly how gloating she has been lately, and doesn't seem to get that rubbing people's faces in it doesn't exactly put then in a pleasant frame of mind.

Althouse talks about Apple losing an antitrust case involving rice fixing for e-books:

 "A federal judge on Wednesday found that Apple violated antitrust law in helping raise the retail price of e-books..."

This turns into an opportunity to plug the Amazon portal, of course!

Althouse talks Zimmerman-Martin crap:

"The Zimmerman trial says a lot about race in America — just not what the mainstream media want the story to be."

The body of the post is a quote from a reader (former commenter?):
"Look at the residents of this 'gated community' who lived just in that one spot.  It is more diverse than a Democrat photo-op.  This neighborhood had young and old, Asians and blacks and whites and Hispanics all living next to each other in peace, but needing a gates and a neighborhood watch to protect themselves from outsiders."

A Reader — initials S.C. — emails.  
Not a bad point. But a more important point is that the government, especially the federal government through an agency at the DOJ, has actually been fomenting racial strife in this case. They will MAKE this fit the narrative.

Althouse quotes a former commenter, Freeman Hunt:

"This article should not have been published without a picture, even if only an artist's rendering."

It's another chance to talk about bin Laden and his cowboy hat.

Anyone else getting the feeling that the whole bin Laden raid was a fake? They whisked the body away to the middle of the Indian ocean and dropped it into the sea. They have destroyed the records (they fucking destroyed the official records!) pertaining to his death, removal to the ocean and burial. Most of the people that were on the mission are now dead, most of them killed within weeks of bin Laden's death. Seriously good fodder for conspiracy theories. The Obama Administration should have been more mindful of history and justice and displayed the records, including photos and movies, of bin Laden's death instead of pissing itself in fear of Allah of not treating the great martyr in the most respectful manner possible. Perhaps if we had a President who concerned himself with American sensibilities instead Mohammedan terrorist child killer sensibilities there wouldn't be any need to question the matter.

Althouse highlights another comment from a reader:

"How can you have a right to something that would require another human being to do something with his/her body, when the other human being has a right over his/her body?"

I discussed this briefly yesterday. I'd love to get into this more deeply but (a) I would need to consider the matter at some length, at least a half hour and (b) I don't have the time for that at the moment. Another lost opportunity.

Althouse links to an article about reproduction in the bacterial world. Turns out bacteria can reproduce in yet another fashion. I've long suspected that the larger biosphere is just there to provide a better environment for bacteria. For example, there are probably ten times or more bacterial cells in your body than there are human cells. And I don't even think that counts all the mitochondrial cells, which in some sense can be thought of as symbiotic bacterial cells.

For that matter, I suspect the human urge to explore, including space flight, might be a very deep game on the part of bacteria to insure that they get off planet to many other places.

Althouse talks Hillary's new hair hair-do, and speaks about the obvious speculation. She compares Hillary's 'do to Thatcher's 'do. Old Blighty got Thatcher, and we're going to get Hillary. This would count as yet another sign of the decline of the Republic, if it weren't already dead.

Althouse talks about one of her favorite pop music subjects NOT named Bob Dylan:

Prince says: "Don’t know what 2 say about Dunk-a-roos. They’re just good!"

Yak milk is also discussed.

Incidentally, a Bob Dylan song title provided the name for one of heavy metals legendary bands: The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest. I'm not aware of any metal bands taking their names from Prince song titles, but there's probably one out there somewhere.

Finally, Althouse talks light bulbs:

"House blocks enforcement of light bulb standards."

She says "Yay!" I guess she hasn't completely lost her mind then.  

All in all this wasn't a great day of output from Althouse. Nine posts, three of which are heavily or entirely dependent on what readers (at least one of whom was a former commenter) emailed to the Professor. A short post about Prince. An even shorter post about bacterial reproduction, basically and Instapundit style post which just links to something interesting. A post that mostly quotes from another article and turns into a pitch for the Amazon portal. A post in which the body of the post consists of four characters ("Yay!"). One long post,  poking at a sore spot for many readers, which has two long quote from another blogger and another emailer.

And in the next to last post of the day, we get a short post about Hillary Clinton's friggin' hair-do. I think a part of that post is worth drawing out:
My question is: Why would that be the choice of running-for-President hair?
           [jump break inserted, after which is:]
It's an evocation of Lady Thatcher. The curvy dip over the right eye is the giveaway. (And besides the hair, compare the jewelry.) 

I think the Professor is starting to go a little stir-crazy without commenters!

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