Monday, July 8, 2013

Tigers, men, a tree and a rescue.

Some idiots managed to get themselves caught in a tree surrounded by tigera in the Mount Leuser National Park on Sumatra Island. Althouse initially linked to the story here, and provided a follow-up here when the men were rescued.

I've got two reactions. First, Althouse mentioned in the second post that it had been "Previously discussed" on the initial thread. Sadly, no it hadn't as the comment "ban" had already gone into place. I think it will take the Professor a couple of weeks to break the linguistic habits formed from years of having a comment section.

Second, I say, "Let the tigers have them!" We've got far more men than tigers in the world, and if men are going to insist on wandering into what's left of Tiger Land in search of exotic profits or thrills, let 'em get eaten.

And it should be noted that the group that got trapped had "accidentally" killed a tiger cub last Thursday. Yeah, uh-huh, sure.

Let the tigers have 'em!

Also, did anyone else think of that scene in Disney's Jungle Cruise with all the men stuck up a pole with an angry rhino at the bottom? "I'm sure they'll get the point ... in the end."

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