Sunday, July 14, 2013

Verdict in, everything quiet - so far....

Zimmerman found not guilty. The neighborhood has remained fairly quiet so far.

I was outside about a half-hour after the verdict was announced moving the car. There were sirens off in the distance, but that means nothing - there are frequently sirens. Hell, there was a stretch earlier this year where the fire trucks were up the street danged near every other day for about a month.

There were some raised voices up the street, too. But I couldn't tell what they were saying, and it may have had nothing to do with the Zimmerman case.

I did hear one seeming gunshot not far off. But even that might have just been a firecracker.

So far so quiet. We'll see what happens after tomorrow's church services.


Watching the news has been depressing. So many MOTHERS are saying that they will tell their sons to do exactly what Trayvon did, to not run if followed, and to attack anyone they think is "profiling" them. It is depressing to realize that so many people are so fucking stupid that they think that is both the safest thing to do, and the right thing to do. So many completely fucking stupid people.

It's also depressing to see how fucking stupid the NATIONAL news people are. The locals have been pretty good, at least on News13, but the folks on CNN and the NBC networks and Fox have been completely fucking brain-dead. There's no point in even going into the particulars.

Addendum: Based on what is being said by the people being interviewed, a non-black person has no right to self-defense if attacked by a black person. Apparently Zimmerman was supposed to lie there  until sweet little Trayvon caved in his skull.

Addendum 2: Al Sharpton is planning to come to Florida to stir up more racial strife.

Addendum 3: The NAACP is demanding that the Federal government get Zimmerman no matter what it takes. Presumably they will be happy with drone strikes.

Addendum 4: The NAACP says the the absolute worst crime anyone can commit is to NOTICE THINGS. They are demanding that all profiling be made illegal. Yes, they want thought crimes, and the repeal of several amendments of the Constitution.

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Leland said...

I was hoping that the "protestors" would be smarter than the media. At least it seems to be the case last night. Supposedly the "marches" will happen today.

The good news in all of this, it is still legal to defend yourself in Florida.